A watch for every occasion! You will definitely know a Swatch when you see one…

Not just a watch, but an attitude, a lifestyle, a way of seeing. That is what makes Swatch different from every other watch brand.

“The sight of a Swatch excites emotion. Wearing one is a way to communicate, to speak without speaking. Heart to heart.”

Revolutionizing the watch industry, in 1983, the unanticipated creation of an affordable, Swiss made, plastic watch shocked everyone and turned the watch world upside down. Transforming a watch from simply, a way to measure time, into a language, a way to speak from the heart without words.

“Swatch talks and everyone understands.”

Discover the latest collection of Swiss made watches from Swatch for men, women and children in our Swatch stores all around Jordan including Amman, Irbid and Aqaba. With versatile models that suit every style and occasion.

As always, Time Center understands the importance of strong and reliable after-sales service. Clients can rest assured that their timepieces will be well taken care of at the service center in Um-Uthaina by maintenance experts.