About Time Center

Time Center Group includes both Time Center and Kayali Jewelry. Time Center is Jordan’s leading watch retailer boasting a portfolio of over 30 international watch brands. In addition to the watch retailer business, Time Center Group also has one of Jordan’s leading jewelry retailers, Kayali Jewelry which has both its own private label as well as international jewelry brands. With these key brands in the watch and jewelry market, Time Center Group is in the position to offer local consumers a wide range of brands at different price points. Time Center Group’s sound product distribution strategy includes a wide retail network, an extensive wholesale business and a strong corporate business. These different segments are complemented by fully equipped and certified after-sales service centers. An administration team of over 30 employees, headquartered in the prestigious Um Uthaina Vista, oversees the Group’s activities. The administration includes the Brand Management Department, Retail Department, Marketing Department, Wholesale Department, Corporate Sales Department, Finance Department , HR Department and the IT Department. To supplement its retail business, Time Center Group also has under its control the Um Uthaina Vista building, which houses office and retail space.

With over 62 years of dedicated retail experience, Time Center is blessed to be the strongest luxury and lifestyle retailer in Jordan. The company started by the late Nasouh Kayali in 1952 with one shop in Downtown Amman, one brand and two employees. Nasouh Kayali was a visionary who had a dream of becoming the leading watch and jewelry retailer in Jordan. He has taught us (my brother and I) the value of hard work, discipline and believing in your dreams. His vision of becoming the leading lifestyle retailer in Jordan has been carried by the second generation and the baton will be passed for generations to come. The legacy will be forever continued. It is because of him that we are where we are today, with over 40 international brands, 150 employees and 29 stores. Our mission is to keep excelling and in becoming a benchmark for the highest standards of client service in Jordan. We believe in working hard as a family to provide our clients with the best possible retail experience and the highest standards of service of our business. Our culture and employees are our backbone, and they all contribute to the overall success of our business Our vision for the future is very optimistic, we believe there are a lot of untapped potential in the market and hence and we are aiming to diversify our retail operation horizontally into different sectors.

Through its sixty-year history, Time Center has grown from a small shop in Downtown Amman to become the watch specialists they are today. The Company's journey is due to the Kayali family's passion for watchmaking and determination to be the best. Today, Time Center can proudly say that they are Jordan's leading watch retailer. Originally found in the early 1950s, Time Center is the product of the Kayali family's passion, which has now spanned three generations. In 1952, Nasouh Kayali opened a small store under the name Nasouh Kayali Company that sold watches and gold in the downtown area of Amman. A champion of family value and tradition, Nasouh Kayali made sure his sons, Samir and Tareq, were involved in the family business from early on, teaching them lessons that would prove to be invaluable in their later careers.

Under the brand Time Center, the company has blossomed into Jordan’s leading watch retailer with a portfolio of over 40 international watch brands, including haute horlogerie brands, 15 mono-brand boutiques, 12 multi-brand boutiques across Jordan's 4 main cities, and over 150 employees with spectacular management offices situated in the heart of Amman.
In keeping with the family tradition, the newest generation of the Kayali family now also work at Time Center infusing their fresh ideas and creativity into the company culture, while still maintaining their family’s core values of ethics, excellence, refinement, and most importantly, passion for fine watchmaking.

In the heart of Amman, Time Center’s headquarters host its office force across the 3rd floor of its own 3000 sqm modern and impressive building.
Built in 2008 to answer the fast expansion of the company, it has also become a luxury shopping destination attracting a diverse high-end retail network as well as premium companies renting the offices space.
Today, Time Center counts more than 150 employees spread over 8 departments that manage all aspects of the operation. All departments work in harmony, which enables us to achieve the highest possible standards in the most efficient and productive manner.
Driven by our passion and philosophy of excellence, associated to a strong reputation in the local market, we have always been able to attract a high level of employees. Time Center also believes in advancing the level of its work force by sending them to training seminars and a variety of enriching experiences that will help them cumulate diverse knowledge to increase their productivity and creativity.
Time Center is proud of having a highly motivated and dedicated work force that provides optimal performance ultimately allowing us to offer our best services towards both ends of the business: our principals and our customers.

Time Center currently has nine multi-brand boutiques across the Kingdom, with six in the capital city, Amman, one in the university town of Irbid, and one in the port city of Aqaba. The diversity of products offered within these boutiques ensures that each client can make a sound decision on what piece to purchase, taking into consideration taste, current fashion trends, and, of course, budget.
In Amman, Time Center’s multi-brand boutiques are strategically located to cover high-end shopping malls, medium-range retail destinations, as well as outlets in older more historic areas of the city.
Time Center’s flagship is located in the ultra luxurious Um Uthaina Vista, where the boutique encompasses over 170 square-meters of retail space and spans two stories. On the ground level, clients are treated to a spectacular array of exceptional timepieces from haute horology brands such as Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Glashütte Original, Jaeger- LeCoultre, OMEGA, Richard Mille, and Ulysse Nardin. While upstairs, visitors can find an amazing range of fashion, sporty, and classic watches.
Time Center also offers the most exquisite shopping experience as well as a rich selection of the latest collections at mono brand boutiques in Amman for Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Bulgari and Omega.
Finally, the family owned business runs seven Swatch point of sales across the kingdom and added more recently four Pandora boutiques and kiosks to its powerful retail destinations.