We bring people and the luxury brands they love closer together, fostering strong and lasting relationships with our partners and customers alike.

Tradition &

Now in its third generation, Kayali Group's appreciation for the refined translates into an unwavering commitment to providing our partners with world-class brand management solutions and our customers with unparalleled services and shopping experiences.

Creativity &

As the world continues to evolve, we continue to place human ingenuity at the heart of our strategy: To break out of established patterns and look at things in a different way—to connect the seemingly unconnected and elevate luxury shopping in Jordan to new heights.

Craft &

The crafted and refined, the sophisticated and reliable, the honest and beautiful: These are the types of brands we carry, and this is how we carry ourselves as a business. From meticulous diamond-cutting to integrated marketing solutions, there is no room for compromise at Kayali.


We believe the best formula for success is when everybody wins: Brands who find success in a growing market; customers who live the brands they love; employees who find fulfillment in what they do; and a growing business with its eyes set on bringing it all together under one roof.